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BioBase is the premier cloud solution for the automated processing, mapping and storing of spatial aquatic data.

Through our sophisticated cloud architecture, intimate knowledge of LowranceTM and SimradTM consumer sonar, satellite imagery processing, and our ability to rapidly process big data, we are the industry leader in processing technology for the aquatic resource professional.

We take sonar logs from echosounders, data from satellite images, and create emergent vegetation and coastal habitat maps, removing the labor intensive and high cost elements from the process. This allows you to acquire high quality data very quickly and focus your energies on aquatic resource management.

Part of Navico, we are located in Minneapolis, and have a dedicated and talented team of Software Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Control and GIS Engineers, Product Experts, and Aquatic Biologists who build and maintain the BioBase platform along with its sister consumer mapping product C-MAP Genesis

You can find us at:
P.O. Box 18358
Minneapolis, MN 55418

+1 651-204-0640

US Corporate Headquarters:
4500 S. 129th East Avenue, Ste. 200, Tulsa
OK 74134-5885